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Belt Test

The  28th Color Belts & Black Belt Point Test

Date:  October 22, 2016 (Sat)

Time:  10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Rank:  All Ages & Belts

Application Deadline:  October 19, 2016 (Wed)

Make-up Test:  October 25, 2016 (Tue), 5:40 - 7:00 pm

*Late applicants and make-up test will be assessed a $10.00 fee.

  • To be eligible for belt promotion test, you need to collect five tapes (brown, yellow, red, green and blue), an instructor tape (black or white) and a home rule tape (purple) in addition to enough attendance and the Master's approval.

  • All students are expected to be in the studio, dressed, and ready to go at testing time!
  • Color Belts:  White or Blue Best of the Best uniforms only.

  • Black Belts:  bring sparring equipment and dress in White Black-Belt Uniforms only (No Black Uniforms)

  • No t-shirts allowed underneath uniforms (except for females).                  
  • No Tae Kwon Do shoes allowed. 
  • No jewelry allowed. 
  • Don’t forget to bring your Home Rules Sheets! 
  • Please indicate on the testing application if you will be testing on the test day or on make-up test date. 
  • There will be no regular classes on that day of belt test.  There will be no Black Belt Prep class on the day of make-up test.

NOTE:  Students with late applications will not receive a belt or certificate on test day and there will be additional late fee.

For questions or concerns, please contact:  773-549-5425 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !